Well end Update

 Arrivals at Well End are still on time for 18:35!

Ware Update

 The first where bus will be arriving approximately 7 pm with the others shortly following. 

Boldock update

 The Baldock bus is running ahead of time and will be at Baldock service station at approximately 1740.

Travel notice

 All busses have left the foundry with some very happy and tired faces!! 

ETA to Leicester Forest East is 4:15

Ware arrivals expected 18:30

Baldock arrivals expected 18:45

Well End arrivals expected 18:30

Updates to follow!!

Home time!

Goodbye, safe travels, all busses have left the foundry! We hope you had fun and will remember everything we taught you 🤞!


Give us a wave!

 Groups 5&6 enjoying a morning climb. 

Group 9 Wind Runners

Group 9 surviving the wind, surveying the castles & spotting the animals on their walk today. P.S no scouts were harmed in the wrapping of these bandages! 

Group 12 - Hiking to the ice cream shop!

 Group 12 - Castle Dale, Mam Tor and the Great Ridge. (Avec ice cream).

Social Media

 Did you know we also have an Instagram Account?? 

Find us at https://www.instagram.com/itth_hertfordshire/ 

ITTH Day One!

Wow! What a brilliant day, so wonderful to see all of our lovely young people getting stuck into all their activities today and seeing so many big smiles.
From hillwalking to climbing to caving and cycling all of us here are feeling sufficiently worn out ready for a very sound night's sleep (fingers crossed...)
We've seen our climbing team rescue a dog for an Itth first and a record amount of bribery ice creams from groups 1&2's walk!

Sleep well teams & bring on tomorrow, we hope Simon Haddock the weatherman will bring us some good news in the morning!

Great first day

 We all arrived safely last night and slept ( silently?) in our tents. After a hearty breakfast the teams sent out to the caving, climbing, cycling and hillwalking. We have now all returned for an evening meal of meatballs and pasta, apple crumble and custard.  

Group 6 photos below, on Man Tor - being Team Bob. 

Tents R' Us

Home sweet home for the weekend is all set up and ready to welcome all of our young people! We look forward to meeting you all very soon for a very exciting bank holiday weekend!